Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wednesday, August 24th Workout - Cardio - 40 Minutes Arc Trainer

The first full day of cardio at the gym went well. I went with the Arc Trainer:

"...The Arc Trainer, is scientifically tested to be gentler on your joints, burn 16% more calories than an elliptical, and is stronger and more durable than the leading ellipticals. On the Arc Trainer, the legs travel in a biomechanically correct path of motion. There’s less stress on the knees and more activation of the glutes and hamstrings."

I really liked it and will definitely be using it a lot!

Tomorrow my plan is the 2 hours on the weight machines and to start a fresh week of healthy, real eating and tracking everything.

I know the scale is still going up and I know it's due to my overeating. I just need to get it under control again and I know I can do it, I just have to try harder!

Cardio Day - 40 Minutes HIIT on Arc Trainer

Arc Trainer info:
time: 40 minutes, distance: 1.38 miles, resistance: 3 minutes resistance on level 15, 1 minute resistance on level 20 - repeat, calories burned: 267


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