Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What I've Been Doing...

So, I've noticed, and I'm sure my readers have as well, how much I've been undecided over what to do with food and I don't blame anyone if they've gotten annoyed with all the back and forth I've been doing between carbs and low carb, healthy, clean food, calories, protein... blah, blah blah.

Last I posted on this I decided to stick with low carb but after my last four day "cheat day" (hah!) I realized something had to change and maybe if I'm less deprived of carbs during the week then maybe I won't have a ton of crazy cheat days.

So I have been adding healthy carbs to my diet since Monday and I feel good. I'm not eating junk carbs, more like veggies, sweet potato, some fruit, things like that and I've let in a really yummy Organic cherrios-type cereal that only has 6 or 7 ingredients and keeps full and happy.

And the scale is moving down which is what really surprised me. Now, it's moving down from the weight it was after the 4 cheat days, not after the weight it was last week so I still have a gain over that but I'm giving it time. Plus who knows what it will show tomorrow.

I'm basically taking it one day, one food, one meal at a time right now. I'm done making grandiose statements about how I HAVE TO DO low carb and that's all that works for me or I will ONLY eat clean from now on or anything like that. I've been as sick of this back and forth as I'm sure you all have been and I don't want to do it anymore so I'm going slowly, making good choices, tracking everyhting and taking it one day at a time.

And you know what I've lost in these three days? The urge to binge. I'm sure it's hanging around here somewhere and will show up when it'll be least appreciated but tomorrow is my normal "cheat" day and I don't feel like cheating. In fact, I want to eliminate the cheat day because I'm allowing some rich foods into my diet so there's no reason to cheat. I can't eat a "cheat food" if it's just food and I can have it any time I want it and by opening up that door I suddenly don't want it so badly.

I'm still counting, weighing, measuring and preplanning all my food. I'm staying within a certain calorie goal and I'm still watching the carbs and protein, I'm just opening up the numbers and, right now, it feels good.

This coming weekend I'll be with some great friends for the weekend outside of Boston, some of which I haven't seen in years and there will be a lot of food. We've already coordinate what food to have, what to make and I know how to keep my portions on track but it may be tough to actually track a lot of what I'll be eating so this will be interesting but I'm sure I can make it work and then when I come back I get to go to the gym!!

I have a session set up with my trainer for Monday at one and I'm very excited and, maybe, just a little bit scared lol.

In any case, my plan is to just go slowly, figure things out as I go and not obsess over every little thing.

I think I can make this work.

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