Sunday, September 25, 2016

Carb Sensitivty and Dropping My Carb Amount

For the last week, especially the end of it, I paid very careful attention to how I was feeling during and after eating.

When I posted on Thursday I was considering leaving my carb amount at about 100 a day but the more I listened to my body, the more I realized that it was still too much for me and I now totally feel like I have some serious carb sensitivity going on.

At first feeling like I was going to pass out, dizzy, lightheaded and so on was attributed to my messed up sodium but that has been fixed for over a year now and I still had days when I would go up our flight of stairs and have to sit down immediately because I felt like I was going to black out. I was still having dizzy days, nights when my stomach hurt to lay on my right side, days when my body felt heavy and exhausted, so I started to track all that and it really came down to what food I was eating. The more simple carbs I ate the worse I felt.

I could actually feel my body feeling weighed down and heavy as I ate a high carb meal. I was tired, lightheaded, sleepy and the more carbs I ate the hungrier I felt. As I've said before over and over again, the more carbs I eat the more I binge. The less carbs the less binging and I think this week was the last thing I needed to show me that I HAVE to go low carb/possibly keto (under 50 grams a day in total, less for net carbs).

This is what I've done for the last two days and I feel pretty good (outside of the headaches which will also get better with the low carb). Even going moderate carb isn't fully working well for me because I still feel unwell and like bingeing but I think that still depends on what kind of carbs I'm actually eating. There's a big difference in how I feel and how I want to binge depending on if I eat oatmeal with blueberries versus a blueberry turnover from the bakery. One makes me feel full and gives me energy and the other sets off my binge mechanism and leaves me hungry and wanting more.

So, now that I have a better idea of where my carb amounts need to be I need to start working on making sure I'm doing this in a healthy way and that the majority of those carbs are spent on veggies and fruit. I definitely want to experiment with more recipes as well so I don't get bored with the food.

Nothing that I really posted here is new to me or to my readers, I just feel like I finally experimented enough to know how I have to eat from now on. I'm sure I'll miss some high carb foods but I definitely won't miss feeling like crap after eating them!

And the weight I'll lose during this process will absolutely help me feel better about it. Maybe I can actually hit my goal weight in the next year!

Stayed tuned and find out!

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