Sunday, September 4, 2016

Low Carb Here I Come... Again

So, basically, my body is not reacting well to eating carbs (and crap) again. The headaches and migraines are almost daily, my stomach is not doing well and there's a couple of other things that behaved much, much better when I was on low carb versus what I'm doing now. It's major TMI though and I don't want to put it on this blog at this time.

I also realized that it's now September (surprise!) and last year I started low carb for the first time on October 3rd and I still remember how great I felt doing it. My headaches went away, my joint pain was less, my stomach issues improved... and I was losing weight almost every week. I felt good and healthy so where did I go wrong?

Well, I got a burnt out, probably from eating the same things over and over again and I kept cutting out more and more fruits and veggies to lower the carbs. I replaced fruit with protein bars and veggies with, well, no veggies and I kept getting less and less nutrients.

So what am I going to do different this time?

I'm going to make sure fruits and veggies come right after protein. Veggies first and then fruit as dessert and part of a pre-workout meal (like a banana). I'm going to try a lot of new recipes to keep from getting burnt out and I'm going to keep track of how I'm feeling physically to see if it's working or not. I'm also going higher on carbs than originally. More of a low/moderate carb plan than keto but still keeping it under 100 grams of carbs a day and I will hopefully start losing weight again. But this is more than just weight loss, this is me trying not to feel like crap anymore.

It all starts tomorrow and I am ready for it!

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