Thursday, September 29, 2016

Week Two Low-Moderate Carb - Thursday Check-In (Month One)

Week Two Weigh-In:
09/29/2016:            -1.8 pounds
Total lost:               33.2 pounds
Current Weight:     196.8 pounds

Yes!! I'm down 1.8 pounds (after a lot of hard work) and this is my second week of weight loss in a row! I think I'm finally officially back on track!

I did up my carbs some and actually felt pretty good doing so right now my carb limit under a 100 but over 60 and this week that worked for me. I'm going to continue the same thing this coming week and see what happens on the scale on my next weigh-in day.

My cold is improving but hasn't gone away yet and it's been leaving me with some nasty, splitting headaches and chills so I'm not sure what will happen with the 5K on Saturday. It'll all come down to how sick I feel and what the weather is. And then I am determined to get back to the gym next week. I really miss it!

Today is also Charles' 4 year anniversary of being cancer free! He says we can't celebrate until he hits 5 years so one more year to go!

We also have our big anniversary trip coming up in two weeks so I need to start mentally preparing for that so that I can enjoy the food but not go crazy with it for the whole three days!

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