Sunday, October 2, 2016

All Sorts of Things

So I had to miss the 5K Color Gauntlet this past Saturday because I was still sick which really sucked. Hopefully I'll be able to do it next year.

I am finally starting to feel better but my back feels a little "off" so I'm being really careful with it.

On the plus side, the workout website I wrote about a few weeks ago, Fitness Food Diva, is, once again, letting me into the workouts without charging me. I'm not really sure what's going on with the charging. I really loved the workouts the last time I looked at them and I would have kept going with them if it hadn't started to try and charge me so I guess that I'm going to get all the ideas and plans from it while I can (and while it's free) and go from there.

I think I'm going to pick one of the simpler workouts from there and use that one for a while but I'm also considering doing some full-body weight machine workouts for a couple of weeks until my body is back on track. I want to see what my trainer thinks before I jump into anything.

I'm also still playing with carbs. I may end up dropping them again. Tomorrow will actually be the one year anniversary of when I started low carb but things sort of fell apart in May and haven't been the same since them for weight loss of for how I was feeling. I may end up going back to the MFP info from a year ago and repeating what I was doing then because I'm still not feeling my best as I am when I'm being very strict with low carb.

Basically, right now is a time for experimentation and finding exactly what works for me and I'm okay with that.

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