Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Five Days In...

Okay, so... I've stuck to strict low carb/keto for 5 days now (counting today). I think this is the longest I've stayed on plan for months now and it definitely hasn't been easy.

On Sunday I actually had such a massive craving for Dunkin Donuts apple pie (if you've never had it it is sooooooo good) that I actually drove to the Dunkin Donuts and forced myself to just get something low carb instead at the last minute in the drive through. I felt pretty proud of myself for not getting the pie but, wow, did I want it. I could almost taste the damn thing!

The cravings have actually settled down a little bit right now. Yesterday I had to stop by the grocery store and despite them having lots of great, yummy (ie... bad for me) stuff, including things they haven't stocked for months, I did NOT buy any which is huge for me!

I am still dealing with carb/sugar withdrawal symptoms which is one of the reasons I haven't worked out this week outside of the step challenge (I'm totally on track with that). I figure I'll give myself a few more days to get past the exhausted, lightheaded, slow brain feeling and then kick my workouts back into gear. But I still feel way better than I do when I eat lots of carbs.

The scale is moving down but it's moving pretty slowly. I was honestly expecting a bigger loss but I do still have 2 more days to go and if I can lose a total of 2 pounds I'll be satisfied.

I think that's it for now.

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