Saturday, October 8, 2016

Making a Big Change...

So I decided to go back to working out at home for now for several reasons, the biggest being that I really miss it and that I've barely worked out since joining the gym, when I was working out at home almost daily before that.

The way my schedule is right now along with headaches and stomach issues, it's just easier for me to plan a workout at home along with going back to taking long outdoor nature walks.

This is nothing against the gym. That place is awesome and I'm not quiet giving up my membership, I'm just changing things up a bit and I may end up going back and forth for a while depending on the day.

I am really looking forward to having a horror movie playing while i work out, being able to get photos taken for Instagram and for having a bathroom right there in case of IBS emergencies :/

I'm going to start with the Phase 2 workout I was doing, update it with the free weight amounts and exercises I used at the gym and go from there and I'm starting this afternoon! Woohoo!!

I'm pretty excited about this!

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