Thursday, October 13, 2016

October 13th - Thursday Weigh-In

October 13th - Thursday Weigh-In
10/13/2016:            -0.2 pounds
Total lost:                32 pounds
Current Weight:      198 pounds

Well, as you can see, I barely lost anything but I don't consider this week to be a failure for several reasons...

1) I got my exercise on track, worked out three days in a row, then took a rest day and have Push Day B planned for today. Working out again is huge for me and I consider this to be great progress.

2) While not every day was perfect with counting and tracking, several days were and that's progress as well. I'm also still learning, the hard way, how horrible simple carbs and sugars make me feel. 

Yesterday, in my ultimate wisdom (aahahahahahaha NOT) I ate a bunch if simple carbs and I can not even describe how absolutely sick I felt: hot all over, dizzy, lightheaded, stomach ache, feeling like throwing up and passing out... every time I do this I feel worse.

I keep saying I want to be able to eat anything in moderation but my body is refusing to cooperate. Maybe I need to look at it with the idea that I am allergic to simple carbs and just suck it up and do what needs to be done. This sucks but it is what it is.

So, basically, I think that's what it comes down to. Simple carbs and sugars make me feel horribly sick even if I only have them occasionally so they need to go away for good. I'm still working on that but I am definitely having more good days than bad!

Now I need to worry abut this coming up weekend (our big anniversary weekend trip) but it's not hard to do low carb when eating out. I won't be able to weigh or measure my food and most of the restaurants in the area are local so no calorie counts but as long as I keep it low carb I should be okay.

And, finally, I decided to get rid of the week and month counts when I track my weight. I have this thing in my brain that when my week doesn't go perfectly with food (and when is anything ever perfect) that I feel this need to start the week count over again and I'm sick of dealing with those thoughts. And since it's not like I'll stop being healthy (once I get there) a count isn't really necessary.

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