Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thursday Check-In

Thursday Weigh-In:
10/27/2016:            - 2.0 pounds
Total lost:                32.8 pounds
Current Weight:      197.2 pounds

Two pounds down! It's less than I hoped for because I heard so much about losing a lot of weight the first week of low carb due to water weight loss that I was really hoping for it, but two pounds is two pounds and I'll take it!

I've also got a week of low carb under my belt and I'm finally starting to feel better physically as the detox from simple carbs and sugars comes to an end. Yesterday wasn't too bad and today is even better. Oh, and as you can see I've restarted my weekly and monthly low carb count in my titles just because I wanted too lol.

I worked very, very hard this week to stay on track with low carb. I counted, tracked, weighed and measured everything that went into my mouth. I planned ahead to make sure I was making the best choices and there were some days where I had to leave off or replace some foods because they just didn't fit the macros. There were nights I went to bed hungry and there were a couple of instances on massive, insane carb cravings but those are definitely improving and I plan to work just as hard on low carb this week. I have food stocked and two recipes picked out that should work really well.

I didn't get any working out done (outside of the walking challenge which I'm totally on track for) because of how cruddy I felt physically but I plan to start my weight training workouts again tomorrow and am shooting for 4 days of great exercise this week.

My short-term goal at this time is to hit 189.8 lbs which has been my lowest weight so far this year (back at the end of June) and also my lowest weight since March of 2007! Once I get to that goal I'll start keeping my short-term weight loss goals to 5 pound loss increments.

So, I have a strict week planned and I'm actually looking forward to it. Let's make this happen!!

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