Monday, November 28, 2016

Day 3 Low Carb

Okay, so I made it to day 3 with no issues... until today. Today is when the low carb headache kicked in which has happened to me several times when restarting low carb in the last three months. I've read that salt, broth and pickles could help so I'm trying the salt (I need to buy broth).

Normally Day 3 is when the worst of my carb cravings hit but I'm actually not craving them right now so that's progress. I normally start to feel pretty good by day 5 or 6 so I've got that to look forward too.

Other than the headache I'm doing pretty well. The scale is slowly moving down, I'm making sure to have some fruit or veggies every day and I'm doing great with my calories, protein and fat.

My goal is to stay under 50 grams of net carbs and the last three days have been 36 carbs, 38 carbs and 40 carbs (also 50 and under for total carbs as well) so I'm doing well there. I am having a hard time eating in general because I'm just not hungry for very much. Like, I try to figure out what I want to eat and nothing really comes to mind so I just pick the healthiest, lowest carb thing I can find. I do want to work on new foods and recipes but right now I'm just making myself eat enough to hit all my nutrition goals.

My psych meds change hasn't done much to help me yet so all that is still a work in progress and I know I need to start working out again. I WANT to start working out again. I just need to make it happen.


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