Friday, November 25, 2016

Many Thoughts and a Final Decision

So, true to my word, yesterday I enjoyed a lot of food and didn't worry about calories or macros or any of that stuff. We're not going to talk about how awful and overly full I felt at the end of the day but rather about the things I thought about and decided on.

I spent a lot of time reading through my blog posts over the last year, especially the ones that focused on low carb. I also did the same for looking over my Instagram. I took in how I ate and how I did not eat, how I felt, how I looked and what my thoughts and attitude were like and I realized that I am not actually miserable on low carb. In fact, there were months where I loved it; how it made me feel, how I looked and how well I was controlling my cravings and my binges.

I've said over and over again that I don't binge when I'm low carb and that's true. It's like low carbing turns off the binging switch in my head but I actually have to get to that point. It doesn't happen right away. The first week, especially, is very, very hard for cravings and for binging and for feeling miserable because my body is getting used to something new and doesn't want to let go of all the delicious simple carbs and sugar that I've been feeding it. Of course I feel miserable and hate my life while I'm detoxing.. who wouldn't?

But it's after the detox, the "keto flu", the first week or so is over that I start to feel, well, pretty amazing. The cravings go away for the most part. My skin clears up, I feel energetic, my stomach doesn't hurt, the bloating is gone, the headaches and joint pain greatly lessen, the pain days get few and far between, I sleep better at night, nap less and get more things accomplished and the weight really comes off. And I don't binge and, most important, I don't want to binge!

Yes, it is hard work and no, sometimes it's not fun. Sometimes you really want a piece of bread or a dessert or whatever but those things are just not worth it to me and the less I have them, the less I want them.That is what I need to keep my focus on. Not how much I really want to stuff my face with carbs but how great I feel when they're not in my system!

So I am going back to low  carb/keto and I am staying there. I know I've said it before, many times, but this time I'm actually sticking with it. I do want to find a way to incorporate more fruit and veggies into my plan, especially veggies, but I have tons of information at my fingertips so that won't be hard to do.

And, as always, I want to get rid of cheat days because all I'm doing is cheating myself and restarting detox over and over and over again every week... no wonder I'm miserable on that kind of plan!

I plan on posting and tracking how I feel and how I'm doing both here on my blog and on Instagram a lot more often than I have been to stay on top of this so keep checking in and if anyone wants to join me in this or just in getting healthy in general feel free to write back! Support is incredibly important when trying to lose weight and get healthy and I am very, very  lucky to have that support in "real life" and online!

And to those of you who have gone on this roller coaster of a ride with me so far, thank you for sticking it out! I know I change my mind a lot and go back and forth but knowing you guys are here helps tremendously and I feel really great about my decision right now.

Will I whine about it for a while? Yeah, I probably will but that's why I blog! So, let's get this journey back on track and make some progress already!!

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