Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Evening

And now things go back to normal...

We had a great weekend at Sarah's. We wandered around some malls, did some shopping and just hung out. It was simple, easy and relaxing.

I ended up low carbing all weekend and I'm fully back on track with that. I'm not sure what changed my mind from moderate carbs to low but on Friday I just decided to low carb again (low carb/keto) and I felt really good about it. I didn't have any major cravings and I ate healthy. I didn't even have much of Gabriel's birthday dessert just because I didn't feel like it.

I know I still have some general detoxing to do but I just feel happy about it. I actually want to low carb. I don't feel deprived at this time and I don't feel like I will hate it. It just feels right.

My goal for my weight right now now is to get under 200 lbs by Thursday's weigh-in day and then to keep going from there in five pound increments like before. Eventually I'll start taking my measurements again but I have a ways to go before they start moving down.

So, now that we're home from this trip, it's time to get everything else back on track. Tomorrow I'm going to start working out again, beginning with Push Day A and some cardio. I'm also going to stick with the low carb/keto and plan my food carefully.

I also have other things to get organized with like the drawing commissions, writing, and life in general. I've really been slacking off in the last couple of weeks and it's time to get everything going again.

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