Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Updates of All Kinds

Okay, update time...

I met with my psychiatrist and my most serious mood stabilizer (and the most notorious weight gainer I'm on that made me gain 50 lbs in under 2 months when I first started it) is being lowered to help with the depression. We're going down by 100 mg and will see what happens and go from there. Also, after talking to him I realized that my doctor may have possibly been right when he thought I was hypo manic back in late August/early September and I guess I'll listen to him next time.

In any case, it'll take a little while for the new dose to kick in so I'm keeping on top of this thing. I didn't even realize how many things I had slowly stopped doing over a 6 or so week period that I loved until I really started thinking about it... writing, drawing because I enjoyed it and not because I had a commission, working on creative projects, working out, watching my diet, losing weight, going for walks, I started binging again, I stopped enjoying my life and it's time to take that back!

And speaking of diet and food I'm still undecided between low carb/keto and moderate carb and, frankly, I'm done thinking about it until Friday because tomorrow is just a free day. Some days I feel like I really want to do low carb and I feel great on it, I lose weight, my skin is clearer and all sorts of things but other days I feel like I hate my life eating low carb and I can't stand to see another low carb food so I just don't know. I'll figure things out as I go and eventually I'll find my way but for tomorrow I just get the day off.

We're also now a two car family again which will greatly simplify my life because some days I felt like I spent half my day driving people back and forth between Charles' work,  my work, to school, to appointments, to parents appointments, groceries, and then work and school again in the afternoons... it was crazy and it broke up my days into annoying segments. Charles will use this car to get to work and back and wherever else he needs to go which gives me a serious break. Plus our newer car has to be repaired next week (wooohoo for a warranty) so we won't need to use a rental.

I think that about covers it for now but tomorrow I'll do my regular Thursday weigh-in and probably post again on Friday.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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