Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thursday Check-In

Thursday Weigh-In:
11/10/2016:            -6.4 pounds
Total lost:                29.4 pounds
Current Weight:     200.4 pounds

I'm down 6.4 pounds!!! Holy crap! I know a lot of that must have been water weight but I'm so close to being back in the 100's that I can almost taste it! I should be able to make next week for sure!

Now here is the interesting thing. Most of that weight came off at the beginning of the week with the low carb days and only a sliver came off once the carbs went up. That definitely gives me something to think about....

EDITED TO ADD... I actually looked at the dates of the scale pics (yup, I photograph the scale numbers throughout the week) and the biggest drop in weight overnight was the day after I upped my carbs so it wasn't only on low carb days!

And, in the interest of honesty, I did have gelato yesterday afternoon to drown my sorrows over the election since I don't drink and, honestly, I enjoyed every single last bite of it. What I didn't enjoy was the totally miserable, sick, dizzy, lightheaded, heavy bodied and like throwing up feeling I felt afterward. I'm not even sure the taste was worth that feeling. Yet something else for me to think about.

And speaking of carbs, I think I may drop them some more this week. Not just because of how the weight loss went but because I miss how I felt when I was on a great low carb streak... tons of energy, almost no headaches, way less fibro and joint pain, glowing, clear skin and happy in general. I mean, I feel okay on higher carbs but I felt better on lower (once I get past the detox).

Now here's another interesting thing and this gives me some insight on how my brain works; knowing that I'm considering going lower carb because I want to lose weight and feel a certain way and not because I feel like I HAVE to do low carb, makes me want to do it again. Does that make any sense? Knowing it's my choice and not something I'm forcing myself to do and hating makes all thew difference. It's like reverse psychology or something.

Anyway, right now I'm going day by day. Some days I'll have lower carbs and some day they'll be higher. I'm going to keep weighing in daily and correlating it with what and how much I'm eating and I'll see what happens. Who knows, I may end up back in keto just because I love how I feel on it (eventually).

Anyway, everything I said the other day still stands. I still want a lifestyle and not a diet. I still want to be able to eat in moderation and find a sustainable way of living my life. I'm just sort of meandering my way along the main road toward that lifestyle taking my time to check out the small paths that break off and lead me in various directions just to see what I find.

But, in general, this has been a great weight loss week and I'm looking forward to many more!

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