Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Weekend Food and Thoughts

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!! I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Today was my first day of going over my regular calories and carbs in 8 days and first day "cheating" in 14 days (but it's Christmas weekend so it's not real cheating) and I feel a little weird.

We have some desserts and we ordered Chinese today instead of tomorrow (I want to be back on track tomorrow if possible). I was able to stomach some dessert and barely 1/4 of my plate of Chinese food before I got uncomfortably full and just... done. Like, I have all this food in front of me and I honestly don't want it and that feels very, very weird to me but in a good way.

Seriously, when do I NOT want Chinese food and when do I leave so much food on my plate?! Did two weeks of no cheating change my appetite and stomach enough to not overeat? I have the option to fully enjoy all this food and I did enjoy it but I just don't want any more of it.

I still have cheesecake in the fridge that hasn't even been open yet that I've been saving for ages now (frozen) but I'm not even sure I want any of it. Maybe a bite if anything. And I'm really looking forward to going back to low carb tomorrow. What is happening to me???

And I can't believe I'm actually saying and meaning all this stuff. Maybe I've actually made some real, true progress with cheating and binging and learning some limits? Maybe this is a real beginning of beating this binging demon once and for all?

I really hope so and I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings!

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