Sunday, December 18, 2016

Day Three Low Carb - This is So Hard

I'm having a really hard time with low carb right now. I know I'm in the middle of detox again and I know this is best for me and I know I will feel healthy and lose weight and generally feel great in less than a week but it's really, really hard right now.

I'm still really down and depressed and I've only had a couple of non-depressed days since my meds were changed so I'll be calling my shrink again tomorrow but I refuse to make myself feel better with food this time, despite how tempting it is.

I'm tired, my back hurts, my head hurts and my whole body aches. I don't know if I'm getting sick and dealing with carb detox on top of that or if it's just carb detox. I feel miserable and I'm being snappy and annoyed with everyone around me.

I'm craving carbs like crazy, especially really good bread, but I know I can't have any if I want to make this work.

This is probably the worst it's going to be since I'm sticking with low carb from here on out and maybe I can stop detoxing all the time only to give in and start again.

The thing that's really keeping me going right now is knowing that it will get better, in, probably under a week. I just need to make it until then.

Hopefully in a few days I can post about how great I'm starting to feel!

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