Thursday, December 8, 2016

December 8th Thursday Weigh-In

Thursday Weigh-In:
12/08/2016:         +0.6 pounds
Total lost:                28 pounds
Current Weight:     202 pounds

So, despite all my hard work this past week I'm up 0.6 lbs. I blame this partially on the two binge days last week and my muscles retaining water from starting to work out again.

I had planned to work out today but I'm dealing with a nasty headache so I'm not sure that will happen.

My goals for this coming week are pretty much what I outlined in yesterday's post. I'm going to keep working out and tracking calories and macros but my carb amounts will be going up. I've stocked up on a lot of veggies and some fruit and have several meals planned out so it should work out okay.

With any luck I'll actually lose weight by next week.

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