Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Rethinking the Plan...

Okay, so I make plans but I always leave a space to evaluate and edit the plan as I go and it's time to edit.

I've had a good week with sticking to low carb and a great week with exercise BUT I am wiped out exhausted and drained and I don't think I'm getting enough complex carbs for the workouts I'm doing.

In the past my trainer has suggested complex carbs about two hours before working out and then protein after working out and when I tried it in the past it's worked really well for me until I stop following the plan and start binging.

On top of that, while I've done great with carbs this week, I haven't done well with health or nutrients. The majority of my calories and macros have come from protein shakes and protein bars. There has been no fruit and very little veggies and I just feel unhealthy.

I know the goal here is to lose weight but I don't want to end up losing a ton of hair again and I don't want to do it in an unhealthy way. I want to find my way to health and weight loss, not just dropping pounds by eating a lot of processed stuff.

And considering how I felt by the end of the awesome yoga workout yesterday, I definitely need more something... more calories, more carbs, more protein... I don't know, but I was so exhausted it was hard to keep my arms up over my head for even the stretches.

So here's where the editing comes in: on the days that I workout seriously using weights I'm going to allow my carbs to get up to about 100 grams a day (or so) but they have to be healthy carbs with a lot of lean protein and veggies involved.

I'm going to do what my trainer suggested with the before and after exercise macro breakdown and I'm going to keep my calories at about the same as before.

I want to keep prepping my food but I also want to make healthier choices. I do NOT want to keep relying on the shakes and bars. I want real food. Actual good, healthy food.

On the days that I don't work out my carbs will probably be lower but we'll see as I go.

Like I've said numerous times, simple junk carbs make me want to binge but if I can stick with following the correct number of calories and carbs on low carb I should be able to make myself do it on a higher carb plan. And even if I crave junk and want to binge, this does NOT mean I HAVE TO binge. I need to deal with this and find a way to learn to be healthy no matter how many carbs I'm eating.

So, I won't be doing keto anymore and I'm not even sure if what I'll be doing is considered low carb... maybe moderate carb, but that's what I want to try with my food.

As for my exercise I've very happy with what I've been doing except for cardio (which I haven't been doing at all) so I think I'm going to start doing 10,000 steps a day again for that. I don't want to work on building up to the 10,000 steps because that just doesn't seem to work for me. I do much better when I jump into things feet first.

So the plan is to replace unhealthy food with healthy, up the carbs around the workouts, keep tracking everything and blogging as I go to see what works for me.

And instead of low carb days I'm going to start counting day without binging... maybe if I get a good row of them going it'll help me stick with it better.

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