Monday, December 26, 2016

Time to Get Back On Track!

Okay, the holiday's are mostly over (New Year's is still coming but I'm not going off plan for that) and it's time to be back on track!

According to the scale I'm up two pounds but I know a lot of that is sodium from the Chinese food and bloat from the carbs. As long as I'm back under 200 on Thursday I'll be happy!

I did something really great for myself yesterday and I tracked the entire day including all off the off-food that I ate! I have never done that before!

I did end up taking two days "off" as originally planned instead of one but by tracking everything on day 2 (and I really wish I had tracked on day 1) I ate much, much less than I would have without the tracking. That's also how I know these two pounds aren't a real regain!

I'm fully back on track today both with low carb and with calories and I plan to keep going with this, well, pretty much indefinitely at this point. I have no more cheat planned at all and I'm now on Day 17 of no binging, and, actually no cheating because these past two days were planned holiday food days and not real cheats!

This is the first time in many, many years where allowing myself to "cheat" or have off plan foods did not lead to a binge and I'm very proud of myself and happy with this. I think, in part, this was due to not having weekly cheat days because it allowed more time for my body to get used to healthier, low carb food, partially because of tracking everything and partially because maybe I'm finally making some headway with this whole binging thing. I don't know but it's great and I will hopefully keep going this way.

Now, yes, of course a part of me would love to have another day off and would love to have some more desserts but it's just not going to happen because I how great I feel on low carb and I'm not giving that up for a quick shot of some yummy flavor. And I definitely noticed how with only two days of upped carbs my headache is back!

So, anyway, there is no cheating planned for New Year's or for my birthday and I'm fine with that. My mini-weekly rewards are going to be movies rather than food. I have pages and pages of movies on my Amazon wish list so once a week for a movie will be perfect!

Also, I definitely want to start working out this week but today my head and ankle were acting up pretty badly so I'm hoping to start tomorrow. We'll see what happens!

I think that's all I have for now but let's get this going again!

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