Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tuesday Check-In

So, I'm on week two of low carb/keto (if you don't count the two "off" days that I had) and this week is going much easier than last week even with the cheating.

I prepared actual food ahead of time, enough for six meals (I froze 4 of them), and I've been planning out my meals early in the day which has made a huge difference. I usually have my entire day of food planned out by about 9:00 am and, in fact, this week I've stayed at around 30 net carbs a day instead of the upper 40's which is pretty cool and I actually feel really good.

This week I don't feel deprived and I'm not even having any major carb cravings. Yes, I would still like a treat on Thursday but I don't want it to turn into a 2-day all carb extravaganza so I'm figuring that out as I go.

The scale is moving down very slowly. If I hadn't had those two cheat days I would probably be back under 200 lbs by now but I did have them and they messed up my weight loss but, it is what it is. I'm back to working hard on this and I'm not going to keep beating myself up. I'm just going to move forward and learn from my bad choices and mistakes.

I definitely feel better physically (outside the occasional headache) and I am thrilled to be working out again! Today is going to be day 4 working out and I'm glad it's relaxing yoga because my body is tired and sore but it's so worth it!

I'm also hoping that the workouts will help with the depression and while they've helped a little so far, it hasn't been as much as I wanted, so we still need to deal with that.

I think that covers it for now.

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