Wednesday, January 18, 2017

It's Time to Shake Things Up...

 ...otherwise known as "I'm not happy with how things are going."

So. Today is Day 18 of low carb and no cheating and I'm getting less and less happy with how I'm eating, what I'm eating, how much of it and how the scale keeps shifting up, and then slightly down, and then back up again despite me doing everything I'm supposed to do.

Let's talk about what does make me happy... I've loved the extra energy from low carb although the last few days it's started waning (but that could be from the weather). I love how my skin looks. I love sleeping better and not binging.

So now let's go to what doesn't make me happy... I have cut out pretty much all fruit and have barely had any veggies because I'm obsessed with keeping my carb count down even at the cost of eating healthy food. I'm hungry a lot. I'm surviving on a lot of protein shakes and protein bars which is definitely not healthy. Like I said, the scale keeps moving between 198.6 and 200 pounds over and over and over again no matter how I cut my carbs and calories. I don't feel healthy... like, I feel energized and up but inside I don't feel like I'm getting the nutrients I need and my hair is starting to fall out again.

I feel like I have to find a happy medium between what I am doing and what I should be doing and I think that may mean upping carbs a little with healthy carbs.

Now, here is something interesting that I've been thinking about (I talked about a lot of this in my "numbers" and "numbers continued" posts in December) but back last year when I lost 40 pounds, I wasn't just low carbing. I was having at least one cheat day a week and my calories varied, there was one day of high carb and high calorie, there was one day of very low carb and very low calorie and the rest of the days were low/moderate carbs and I was losing weight and I felt great!

So I did some research and found this thing called "carb cycling" where you vary your calorie and macro counts throughout the week and I honestly think that that's what I was doing without knowing it had a specific name.

So how do I find what really works for me? I try it out and experiment! I know low carb is good for me personally but I also know that I'm not making a lot of progress and I am definitely NOT eating healthy which is pretty important if you think about it, so I'm going to try the carb cycling thing and see what happens with the scale and with how I feel.

But here's the most important part of the whole thing. I am NOT going back to eating junk and having crazy cheat days. Everything will be controlled and I know I can do it, especially as I've done 18 days of no cheating or binging now.

Simple carbs and sugars are what sets off my binging... junk food, bakery items, bread, pasta, white flour, candy, ice cream... etc, so those are still out until I feel like I can control them (and I can not at this point). What I'm going to add back in are fresh fruit and all sorts of vegetable including my beloved sweet potato. Things like homemade oatmeal will be allowed but no crappy, sugary cereal. And as little as possible processed food too. There's always going to be some special occasions but I'm not thinking about those now.

I'm going to continue counting calories and macros, food will still be measured and weighed, I'm just going to bring some healthy and fresh options back into my diet and it won't be "keto" any more, more like low/moderate/high carb depending on the day. Also, everything will be tracked, especially "high carb" days because my bad habit is to not track or workout on those days and just go wild stuffing myself with food and that is not going to happen. I feel like I've found a little more of my willpower over these last 18 days and I am putting it to use!

I know how I want to feel and look and I'm slowly finding my way but sometimes you have to leave the main road and meander on the back roads for a while to discover what else might work for you.

And it won't hurt me to experiment for a while. If I start binging from the complex carbs then I'll have to rethink things again but they are normally okay. It's the fake food, the junk and the crap that I need to stay away from.

So that's the plan. Let's see what happens with it!

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