Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year, New Month, New Week, New Day - New Start!

Happy New Year everyone!!

Today is the day to start everything fresh! It's the perfect day for new beginnings... the slate has been wiped clean and a whole new year stretches out before us!

My goals are actually very simple to look at... I want to do low carb/keto for the entire year and get back to working out. My workout goal is 5-6 days a week of some kind of exercise. I have workout plans but I basically want to do something, even if it's just a stretch, for most of the week.

Now, I've done enough low carb on and off to know that I feel and look my best while doing it, not to mention the weight loss and I've had enough practice to know that cheat days will eliminate any progress that I make so the goal is to have NO cheat days at all. Plus every cheat day will cost me $20 so that should definitely help me stay on track!

I'm actually considering trying out some recipes for keto "treats" so I don't feel totally deprived but I'll deal with those later. For the upcoming week, since I'm re-detoxing all over again, I want to keep it simple. Simple meals, simple foods and focusing in making it through the week. Then, when I have my keto feet under me again and feel like I'm really back into the low carb thing, I can start looking at new recipes and ideas.

Charles is totally with me on this and is all about helping me (plus he likes to cook) so that will be a huge help to me.

Basically, nothing I'm writing here is anything new. I'm just starting fresh and I have to keep going now. There are no more excuses and I can not wait to feel great again and to see some amazing progress!!

I am making this MY year!!

Who's with me?

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  1. That is awesome. I have a co-worker who is doing the keto thing and she has brought in some desserts that she's made and I have to tell you they were delicious. Especially some almond cookies that she made. Absolutely delicious. Good luck to you.