Sunday, January 29, 2017

Some Quick Updates

I just realized that I haven't posted since Thursday so here are some quick updates.

1) Today is day 3 low carb and I'm doing well with it. I'm watching my portions, weighing and measuring everything and making sure I have some healthy food every day. usually blueberries and squash, but I plan to add in more as the week goes on.

2) I've been very busy getting my art stuff organized for some upcoming commissions. I counted and put all my pencils into a spreadsheet (that took several hours and my back has been aching pretty badly since then).

I finally created an Instagram page for my art work (Portraitsbyaleks Instagram Page) where I not just want to post my work but also keep a visual diary of sorts of my life as an artist and that took most of yesterday evening, and I worked on my commissions list and put that in order. I'm currently looking at 5 definite commissions, 2 possibles and 2 free/donated works. I should be starting commission #1 this week!

3) I also haven't been feeling great. Some of this is from the carb detox, some from the weather pressure changing and some from just me being me. Mostly my back and my head have been acting up and hopefully that will stop soon!

4) I really, really, really want to and need to start working out again. I'm shooting for this week but it all depends on how I feel but I can at least start doing 5,000 steps a day and go from there.

I think that's all I have for now but, basically, things are going pretty well and will hopefully just keep improving!

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