Saturday, January 14, 2017

Two Weeks Low Carb!!

Yes!! Today is officially two weeks low carb! 14 days... 14 long, hard, breadless, junkless, pastryless, pizzaless, chipless, ice-creamless days of strict, no cheating low carb!

And I feel great! My skin is clear and vibrant (I always forget low carb makes my skin look amazing), I'm under 200 lbs for the first time in about 10 weeks (excluding those 2 days where I went under and right back up a few weeks back), I have more energy, I'm sleeping better at night and not napping during the days (when I'm not sick), the horrible cravings and the binging are gone, my headaches are way, way less and my health is improving, not counting the whole being sick thing which has nothing to do with low carb :/

Yes, it's true that I would love some gelato right now and some warm, soft, buttery bread but they're not worth the pounds and the pain and the getting hooked back on simple carbs that having them will bring.

I'm finding what foods work well for me and fill me and what foods leave me hungry and I'm also finding what fruits and veggies I can fit in without messing up my macros and still remain healthy.

And it's not just my carbs but my calories and all my other macros that have been on track for these two weeks. The workouts have been going pretty well too outside of illness and pulling something in my upper back today.

And now that I've hit two weeks I'm not about to stop. Low carb/keto is when I feel my best and look my best and is definitely not a short-term thing for me. I would eventually like to add some "cheat" foods back in but that won't be for a while and when it happens it'll be in small, carefully measured out portions and not until I'm mentally and emotionally ready for them!

I know people like to say that "it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change" and I absolutely mean that. It IS a lifestyle change and I can't see what happens as I keep going with it!

Bring on the next two weeks, months and years... I'm ready for them!


  1. Yeah, those carbs. Are they really worth it? I had pasta fagioli and pizza and garlic bread this weekend and the scale was kind enough to remind me this morning - AS IF - I'd forgotten. But I exercised this morning and had my protein shake I meal prepped for lunch and snack and it's back to work. Good luck. Happy all is going to so well for you.

  2. Great job getting right back to it! I don't think the carbs are worth it but, man, do they taste amazing! Lol