Thursday, January 5, 2017

Week One - Thursday Check-In (Month One)

Week One Thursday Weigh-In:
01/05/2017:                -0.4 pounds
Total lost:                   28.4 pounds
Current Weight:       201.6 pounds

Okay, so I didn't lose very much weight this week but considering I was chowing down on carbs until Sunday, I think I was lucky to lose anything. This coming week should be a lot better in terms of weight loss but I'm going to try very hard not too focus on how many pounds I'll lose on any given week or how much I might weigh by some upcoming date because that just causes me to get really upset and disappointed when I don't hit that elusive goal.

I'm just going to take it one day at a time and do my best with this lifestyle because, basically, that's what it is and I know it's the best thing for me no matter how loudly bread might be calling my name :/

Anyway, today is Day 5 low carb and I'm starting to crave carbs a little less. I've had a bad, bad headache all day (but still better than yesterday's headache) and I just got home from appointments so today is a rest day and I will pick up with Leg day A tomorrow.

It's also almost my birthday and I have a new yoga mat coming tomorrow and will be ordering some new, tougher resistance bands today. I'm still unsure on what kind of barbell to get so I'm holding off on that for now.

Oh, and for my birthday meal Charles is planning on cooking a really great sounding low carb meal and dessert so I won't need to cheat and I won't feel deprived. I will definitely be taking pictures of it too!

I think that's all I have for now.

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