Thursday, January 19, 2017

Week Three - Thursday Check-In (Month One)

Week Three Thursday Weigh-In:
01/19/2017:                +2 pounds
Total lost:                  28.8 pounds
Current Weight:       201.2 pounds

Well, so much for Onederland, it's back to the 200's for me.

I can't really blame yesterday's cheat day because I didn't go totally crazy and there was no binging but the scale had been creeping up most of the week so it is what it is and a new week starts today.

My focus this week, as I posted yesterday, will be to plan my meals around veggies and use fruit with breakfast (blueberries) and as dessert. I'm actually going to be meal prepping mashed sweet potato and mashed butternut squash tomorrow that should last me for well over a week. I'm thinking of going with raw veggies with lunch: baby carrots, cucumber and sugar snap peas with hummus and some kind of protein and then two cooked veggies, in two different colors, for dinner like squash or sweet potato and some kind of green veggie plus a protein.

This may actually lead to more weight gained as my body adjusts to the added carbs (but they will be healthy carbs so I'm hoping that helps) but I know I just need to go with it and look more at health and a little less at the scale.

I also wanted to do 10,000 steps today since I've been wanting to get that started for a while now but I'm not feeling great and my head is bothering me so we'll see. I definitely want to get my new Phase 2, Part A workout restarted by this weekend and that's pretty much ready to go.


  1. :( sorry to hear that. I know how Frustrating (w/a capital F) that is. You'll get there. We gotta keep playing w/things to see what will work. I too am going to make some changes to my eating and hopefully get back to exercising next week. Ayyyy the freakin' struggle. SMH.

  2. Thank you! I need to really start looking at this thing as not just "lose weight as fast as I can with low carb" but "lose weight, even if it's slower but get healthy at the same time!" Good luck with your plan changes!!