Thursday, January 12, 2017

Week Two - Thursday Check-In (Month One)

Week Two Thursday Weigh-In:
01/12/2017:                -2.4 pounds
Total lost:                   30.8 pounds
Current Weight:       199.2 pounds

On the plus side I am out of the 200's and officially in Onederland for the first time in 10 weeks!! Wooohooo!! On the downside, I totally have whatever Gabriel brought home when he came home sick yesterday, I feel awful and I can't work out for the third day in a row, but, hopefully it won't last long.

So back to the weight loss! I worked really, really hard for this loss this week and I am going to do everything in my power not to go back over 200 pounds again. No cheat days is still not fun but it's working.

The worst part out of this entire week was grocery shopping today when I walked through the bakery aisle (I was getting the boys some muffins) and everything looked and smelled so freshly baked and amazing and suddenly I wanted it all... I wanted those freshly baked cookies, that bread, those parfaits, the cream puff, the apple pie, the blueberry turnovers... all of it HAD TO BE MINE!!!!!

So I did the only sane thing I could thing of, I grabbed the muffins for the kids and left the bakery section but it left me in a really bad mood (plus I was feeling sicker with every step which probably didn't help).

Anyway, that's how I know I'm not ready to bring cheat days back in. When I think of a cheat day and I instantly imagine eating an entire loaf of warm bread loaded with butter instead of a small, manageable slice, then I'm not ready. Having that kind of reaction to just the smell of carbs shows me I need to stay far, far away from all of that food no matter how "unfair" that feels.

So, anyway, now I keep doing what I have been doing. Counting calories and macros and staying under 50 grams of net carbs a day since that is working for me. There are some days where I can easily fit in a small Lindt truffle and still hit my target amounts so I don't even really feel deprived those days. I just need to accept that that's how it has to be for me to lose weight. I wish I could do it just with counting calories but I can't.

I also plan to get back to my workouts as soon as I'm feeling better.

And I need to stay out of the bakery section when I go to the store.


  1. Those bakery aisles. Man, they are tough. but you done good. LOL. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Thank you! I'm still sick and would kill for some good, warm bakery bread right now! :(