Saturday, February 25, 2017

30 Days Low Carb... With One Controlled "Cheat Day"

30 days low carb!! Wooohoo! I can't believe I've stuck it out 30 days!! And I've only had one cheat day in that time so let's talk about that...

I decided yesterday would be the best time for my once a month (if I keep going with once a month) cheat day because it was very close to Thursday (in the future it will be on a Thursday since that's my weigh-in day) and I was on Day 29 low carb. Here's how that went...

To start with, I decided on what I wanted ahead of time and really thought out it. I didn't want to go through the grocery store and grab everything I could have possibly wanted over the last month. Sure, I would have loved to eat everything in sight but I wanted to keep it controlled while still enjoying it so I ended up with a big slice of thin crust frozen pizza and my favorite gelato.

Yeah, I would have loved to also have some cake and some pastries and some of that amazing bakery bread and maybe some Doritos and and some chocolate and some ice cream cones... you guys get the idea, but that did not happen. I made my choices and I stuck with them. And once I was done eating the things I did get, I was done and did not continue on to eat everything else in the house.  Those were the good things.

Here are the "bad" things: I felt horribly, insanely sick after the gelato. Not the kind of sick where you overate so much you want to throw up because you're beyond stuffed. I actually did pretty well with the portions but the kind of sick where you feel lightheaded, dizzy, verging on passing out, totally out of it... basically a sugar coma. Once that freight train on simple carbs and sugars hit my system I was done for the night. I actually had to end my steps by the goal instead of getting to 10,000 and lay down because I thought I was going to pass out. I think I was asleep by 8:00 pm :/

I still have a headache this morning but that could be from the weather changing as well. The scale is up by 3 pounds this morning but obviously the majority of that is water weight and whatever else comes from eating a lot but as long as I end up close to where I weighed in at this past week (or even have a tiny gain) I'll be okay with it because I had already taken that into consideration and decided it as worth it.

Now, here are more of the "good" things: I was able to eat my planned food and stop at that. I didn't keep going nuts on the carbs, I didn't eat anything extra and I have no interest in continuing the simple carb/sugar attack any time soon. Normally, a cheat like that would turn into a binge but it hasn't and it won't which is huge for me. I was able to enjoy my food. I didn't hide it so people didn't know how much I was eating, I didn't have to plan to be home alone for it. I was open and honest about it and I was ale to just sit back, eat it, enjoy it and move on because it was planned for. I wasn't trying to sneak something I shouldn't be having. I planned, talked about it, ate it and moved on.

So, all in all things went well excluding how absolutely horrible I felt. I think this one a month thing might actually work out but next time I will either choose one food instead of two or go with smaller portions. I don't want to feel that horribly sick again but I want to have occasions where I can enjoy off-plan foods so I'll try and figure it out this coming month.

And it feels amazing to not only be seeing progress but also feeling it in all the aspects of my life including the "cheat" foods. I now know I can enjoy something decadent like that, I just need to figure out how to do it without feeling like crap.

Of course if I continue feeling like crap next month when I try it I'll have to reconsider but, all in all, cheat day #1 went really well psychologically and not so great physically.

So... here's to the last 30 days and to the next 30 as well!!