Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Big Decision... Going Up to Moderate Carb...

Okay, so I am seriously contemplating (with memories of advice from my trainer) upping my carbs a little... but ONLY healthy complex carbs: veggies like sweet potato, more fruit choices, oatmeal (oatmeal before a weights workout used to work really well for me).

I'm going to bed hungry most nights and yesterday, after the workout, I went to bed starving and woke up that way and while I did eat a quick breakfast (okay, it was a protein bar) I was absolutely ravenous by the time leg day was done.

This does not mean any simple carbs or sugars will be allowed in at all. NO. Not at all!

There will still be no cheat days, no bread, no pasta, no pastries, no junk, no takeout etc... just complex carbs. It's the simple carbs and sugars that I am addicted too and I'm going to continue being accountable here and on my blog and Instagram.

I'm not even looking at high carb right now, more like moderate and healthy and some days will still be low. I'll be shooting for under 100 total grams of carbs a day. I think I'll be okay if I stay away from the simple carbs and sugars.

I'm a little scared of the scale going up because that always happens after upping carbs but it will just be water weight and won't hang on long and right now I'll be retaining water weight anyway because of working my muscles this hard.

So, that's my plan but if complex carbs lead me to inhale the simple ones again I will rethink what I'm doing. But what would happen in the past is that I would make a plan to eat the "good" carbs and immediately start eating the "bad" ones without giving it a second though. This time I have a solid plan and I am sticking to it no matter what and I actually feel really confidant in being able to stick to the healthy stuff considering how well I've done for the last month.

Let's see what happens!

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