Sunday, February 5, 2017

Some Sunday Updates...

So... today is day 10 low carb and I'm doing well with it. I'm disliking it less than I was when I posted last Wednesday, probably because the good feelings I have while doing it are finally kicking in, and the scale is moving down nicely so I believe I'll be sticking with low carb and not upping the  carbs any higher right now.

I'm actually back under 200 pounds today but it's not official until Thursday and I'm not getting too excited because I've gone under 200 lbs twice now since mid-October, so the goal now is to stay under it and to keep it moving down.

I'm still doing well with food, getting in at least two healthy foods a day. It needs to be more but I'm working on that and I'll get there.

The step challenge is going really well! Today is day 4 of it and I've gone over my daily step goal on every day! I'm trying to get up every hour and walk back and forth in the house (I can't wait until Spring so I can walk outside!!) for at least five minutes and doing that really gets the steps to add up and gets me off my butt. I'm also walking during phone calls and taking more time in stores just to go up and down extra aisles just to get more steps. Once again, the goal here is to stick it out!

I was having horrible carb cravings yesterday and if I hadn't made the deal with the boys about paying them for cheat days I would have totally binged and I'm not sure why. Detox is over now (and I love how that feels) but I guess the cravings will come and go. I got through the day with no cheating at all and am not having those cravings today so it's a little easier.

I also started my newest dog portrait and plan to begin my actual workouts this week so, all in all, things are going well! Let's hope they continue this way!

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