Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Still Working On Finding My Path...

So I've done a week of low carb now and I've done well. I weigh in tomorrow, I haven't cheated or binged and I've had something healthy every day but I'm still not happy with what I'm doing.

I want more options. I want more fruit and I want to be able to have, for example, blueberries and sweet potato on the same day if that's what I want.

I don't want ice cream or pastries or bread... well, I mean I do, but I'm not craving them and I'm okay with not having them. This week my net carbs have pretty much been under 40 net all week so I'm not doing keto (which is more like under 20 net) but just low carb. I've been very good about tracking all my calories and macros and being where I need to be but I'm seriously thinking about upping the carbs to let in more (but under 100 total) just to have more options open to me.

I don't want to go back to cheating or binging and I'm not planning any cheats at all, I just want... I don't know... I want more options. I'd love to have a banana. I seriously think it's been well over a year since I've had banana or apples and I'm starting to really miss them.

Like I posted in my "moderation" post, I want that. I want things to be in moderation but I don't want to eat junk or crap. I want real food. Real meat, fruit, veggies... just, you know, normal real, healthy food. If I can stay away from the simple carbs and sugars I should be okay and I think I can stay away from them.

I know I go back and forth a lot but, like I also keep saying, I'm still finding what works best for myself and my body. I definitely know that the simple carbs and sugars... pastries, ice cream, chips, potatoes, bread, pasta, fast food... all those things don't work for me.  Not right now anyway but maybe I can add in more options and choices while still keeping away from the simple carbs.

I definitely, absolutely need to moderate and watch my carbs carefully but I think I may be able to handle a higher amount if they are the right kind of carbs. But I won't find what those numbers and amounts are without trying out different things, foods and amounts and tracking how I look and feel.

And, frankly, I've felt awful all week. Most of it has been from the sugar and simple carb detox and my headaches are finally settling down from that (still here bit not piercingly horrible as of yesterday) but I still feel nauseous, tired and annoyed.

So, I'm thinking that this coming week I may up my total carbs to 100 and under and focus on adding in more vegetables. Maybe a fruit with breakfast and veggies with lunch and/or dinner. This past week I managed blueberries most mornings and one veggie with dinner and I really want to to add some raw veggies into my lunch.

I'm still far too reliant on protein bars and shakes so that's still something to seriously work on but I am definitely making progress.

I don't have a plan set 100% in stone. I think the only way I'll find the path that's right for me is to tweak the plan and keep it fluid as I go, but these rules still stand:

1) track, weight and measure all food
2) stay within planned calories and macros
3) NO CHEATING (I'm up to $30 for one cheat day and, honestly, I don't have a spare $30 lol)
4) at least 1 fruit and 2 veggies a day
5) stay under 100 grams of healthy complex carbs (preferably net this week)
6) reevaluate next week

I think if I approach this carefully and reasonable, with a solid plan in place, I will eventually find  a way to lose this weight and get healthy in a way that makes me feel happy and positive.

Also, this is not coming from a place of lack of sleep or anger or annoyance or hunger or anything like that. It's coming from my thoughts over this past week. I'll have more in tomorrow's weigh-in post so I think that's it for now.

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