Sunday, February 12, 2017

Thoughts On a Very Snowy Sunday

So... I feel like I'm doing really well outside of starting a formal workout (which will happen this week... my plan is for tomorrow but we'll see what happens).

I'm sticking with the low carb plan like I have for the last two weeks and it's working really well for me. I did have a higher carb day on last Thursday as I planned but I wouldn't consider it a cheat day and it definitely wasn't a binge day. In fact, there has been no binging or cheating since I restarted low carb 17 days ago and I can thank low carb for that because, as I say over and over again, it turns off that binging switch in my head.

I did have some chocolate on Thursday as my higher carb treat. It was one Lindt stick, not an entire bar or anything, it was delicious and satisfying and I was able to get right back to low carb with no problems and no desire to binge which shows me that I can handle on small treat. I'm sure that if I'd chosen to have a pint of ice cream things would have ended very badly so it's good to know that I'm finding some control while still being able to fit in a small extra bit of something higher carb.

I'm not going to keep adding more treats though. I know that I can't handle a lot of carbs in one sitting or in one day and cheat days just don't exist for me anymore. A cheat-treat is a good possibility once a week as long as I decide on what it is carefully and make sure I only have a small amount available to me but no more cheat days or cheat meals or any of that. They're just not worth it.

The other thing I'm doing great on is my step challenge. The lowest amount of steps I've done this past week was 4,600 steps on Thursday and since then I've done just over 10,000 (over 11,000 on Friday) for 3 days and plan on hitting 10,000 steps as often as I can. I'm getting up every hour and doing 1,000 steps an hour specifically for the challenge. This doesn't count any steps I take throughout the day just doing whatever.

So, basically my biggest new goal for this week is to start my regular Phase 2 workout again. I've been meaning to start it for weeks now but I just need to get it together and get it done. Other than that I'm doing well and hopefully the scale will keep showing that. It hasn't moved since Thursday but I have until this coming Thursday before I have to weigh in again and I just have to believe that it will move!

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