Thursday, February 23, 2017

Week Four Low Carb - Thursday Check-In (Month One) and More Carb Plan Info

Week Four Low Carb Thursday Weigh-In:
02/23/2017:            -1.8 pounds
Total lost:                  34.8 pounds
Current Weight:      195.2 pounds

Yes! A great week and a great loss! I worked hard for this and it's great to see and feel it paying off.

My current short-term goal was 195 pounds and I missed it by sooo little so I'm hoping to be be past it next week. The next short term goal after 195 is 190 and then, once I get past 189.8, I'll be hitting weight I haven't seen in many, many years! I can't wait!

I am changing the modified plan I made the other day. I think 100 grams of carbs is too much for me to jump up to right now and, while my trainer said to go ahead with the oatmeal, it's ONLY for before a weights workout and then protein after that.

So right now my plan is to go up to 60 grams of carbs (total) as needed on days where I seriously work with weights and weight machines and stick with much lower carb on days I don't.

While I do need more energy before working out I don't want to lose out on all the positive changes I've felt and seen during low carb. This past week I was mostly in the 40's for net carbs (56 yesterday as my highest) and I did great with the scale and I felt great when I wasn't horribly hungry.

To beat the ravenous hunger, yesterday I tried more carbs before the workout and some serious protein afterwards, plus some extra calories and I wasn't hungry at all by the time it was time for bed and I kept it under 60 grams and felt really good, so that's the current plan.

I also want to make sure I'm eating the highest amount of my carbs about two hours before my workout and then really hitting the protein after. I think I actually have to up my protein amounts so that's something else I'll work on.

So I'm still doing low carb, I'm just not doing keto and I feel okay about that right now.

Today is a day off from the gym because my body is exhausted but I do plan on doing 10,000 steps and maybe even getting in a walk outside because it's gorgeous out there!

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