Friday, March 24, 2017

A New Start With New Measurements - Edited

EDITED TO ADD: I'm not sure if I'll end up with 50 grams of carbs or go up to a 100 (which of course is not keto but is still low carb). I think it may vary day by day but I especially want to pay attention to sugar more than the carbs themselves. I think it's the way upped sugar that's affecting my body more than the upped carbs.

I looked back over the last 8 weeks and the first 4 weeks that were strict low carb and strict calorie counting without cheating I lost weight every single week. It's time to suck it up and get back to it! I know I can do this! I just need to... well, just to do it already and I am ready!

I have a plan - low carb every day most days, NO cheat days (special occasion will taken on an occasion to occasion basis) and counting calories while tracking macros for protein, carbs, far, fiber and sugar with least 2 vegetables and 1 fruit/berries a day. I also want to try one new recipe a week and post it to my blog. My exercise plans are to work out 6 days a week whether it be at the gym, home or outdoors when it finally gets warm again and following a specific workout plan for the gym.

Today is my start date and my goals are not to cheat at all and if I had to pick a weight loss goal (which I'm not crazy about because you don't lose weight every single week, it varies) I would say that I would like to drop 5 pounds a month. I plan to take progress photos every 4-6 weeks, have a weekly weigh-in and take my measurements once a month at the start of every month. And, to go along with that, I have finally retaken all of my measurements and added the "chest" measurement to it since I used to just do "bust."

I had to go back in my old Amazon orders for bras to try and figure out what my chest measurements have been in the past and I found 3 of them so I can sort of cobble together the dates when they changed with the dates I have for all my other measurements. I just don't have exact matching ones but it's close.

Here is my measurement line-up from when I first started on April 1, 2014 until today, March 24th, 2016. Also, I can wear my size 12 jeans but I am more comfortable in the 14's so that's the size I'm posting.

Body Parts: 04/01/14    11/12/15   01/21/16   04/07/16    3/24/17   Total Lost
Waist:            44.5 in.    42.5 in       41 in          39 in          39 in        5.5 in
Hips:              47 in.       46.5 in      45.5 in        43 in          44 in        3 in
Bust:              48 in.       46 in          44 in          42.5 in       43.5 in     4.5 in
Chest:            44 in.        -----           42 in           38 in         37.5 in     6.5 in
Right Arm:     15 in.        14 in         12.7 in         12 in          13 in        2 in
Left Arm:       15 in.        14 in         12.5 in         12 in          13 in        2 in
Right Thigh:   29.5 in.     28.5 in      26.5 in         24 in          26 in        3.5 in
Left Thigh:     28.5 in.     27.5 in      25.5 in         23.5 in       25.5 in      3 in
Right Calf:      17.5 in.    17.5 in      16.5 in         15.5 in        16.5 in     1 in
Left Calf:        18 in.       18 in          16.5 in        15.5 in        16.5 in      1.5 in
Jeans:              20            16               14               12               14        3 sizes

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