Friday, March 17, 2017

Fifty Day Tracking On My Fitness Pal and Some Other Stuff...Edited

Edited to add: I really don't like how I felt last night and this morning after more carbs vs how I feel after less. I'm going to keep playing with carb amounts for a while so today will be under 50 grams net and we'll see how it goes. I may take it day by day for a while.

Today I hit 50 days of logging/tracking on My Fitness Pal! 90% of those days were low carb with 5 total cheat days and, maybe, 10 total were moderate carb.

They weren't all perfect days but this is the first time I've hit 50 in a row in a very, very long time. I lost a total of 7.2 pounds and I think it would have been a lot more if it weren't for the cheat days.

My goal for the next 50 days is to have way less cheat days (working on 30 days cheat free at the moment - on day 2 today) and to find my way to more "normal" healthy eating.

I've definitely made a huge amount of progress with not binging anymore and with being able to control portions of foods that were uncontrollable to me before. Like being able to eat a slice of bread or some kind of high carb/simple carb food and put the rest away. Also, 5 days of cheating out of 50 days is way better than I was doing before. I definitely need to improve on that number but it is an improvement on it's own.

I'm also going to allow my carbs to get up to 100 grams a day (less net) instead of under 50. It's still considered low carb (but not keto... been reading a lot about it), low enough to lose weight but high enough to allow more fruits and veggies and oatmeal and to be a lot more useful for me when I work out.

Some people actually consider that amount to be "nutritional magic" as long as they're the good, complex carbs and not crap. The goal, for me, is to get rid of crap in general anyway, not find ways to let it back in.

I will drop them back to under 50 every day if I see myself gaining weight on this though and depending on how I feel.

And, of course, I want too (I NEED TO) start working out again. My plan to start yesterday had a wrench thrown in it when the doctor took out my stitches but said I'm not ready for any exercises that will pull on my back (so pretty much chest and back) because he doesn't want me to open the incision back up so I need to wait "several" more days before I can start Phase 2. I'm really annoyed by this but I guess I can focus on cardio for a few days and then see how my back is doing.

So... I'm in a good place, the last 50 days have taught me a lot and hopefully the next 50 will teach me even more and I'll see a nice weight loss in that time!

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