Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Forty Days Low Carb And Going Up to Moderate Carb

So I'm at forty days low carb with three cheat days and I want to officially up it to moderate carb. I've wanted to do this before but I either changed my mind or ended up overdoing it and running back to the safety of low carb.

I'm at a point right now where I feel like I won't overdo it and that I want to give it four weeks and see what happens (Thursday to Thursday) which will put me at April 6th to look over my progress and decide how I want to go from there.

I want to give it the full four weeks before making any decisions because one or two weeks with cheat days thrown in isn't a good enough experiment. And, yes, I want to avoid the cheat days and focus on healthy, complex carbs (hence the comic).

I'm going to continue with everything else I've been doing; calorie counting, weighing and measuring food, watching portions, I'm just going up the carbs and drop the fat into a different ratio of macros but the macros remain very important.

If I end up gaining weight or if my weight remains the same I'll have to change something again but right now is the best time to do this. I'm not in ketosis rat the moment and my workouts are limited to walking for over a week so my muscles won't be retaining water.

I would love to not be on a low-carb diet in the long run so this experiment is the best way for me to figure out if I can make it work for me and still lose weight and feel really good.

Four weeks... no excuses. Let's do this!

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