Wednesday, March 15, 2017

More Low Carb Thoughts...

So... you know what happens when I make carbs "unforbidden?" I don't really want them anymore :/

I guess it's not really the carbs I was missing, it was the junk because as soon as I allowed carbs back in (and had some for 2 days... one day not too many and the second day a lot more and today is going to be a low carb day), my brain instantly started trying to convince myself to eat the crap carbs and I don't want to to do that.

I thought about what I could eat  yesterday and I wasn't leaning toward fruit or veggies... I was immediately leaning toward gelato (I did not have any). So I went over some things I could eat that day... did I want pasta? No, not worth the carbs to me. Did I want a sandwich with good bread? Naaahhh, not really. Did I want pizza? No, once again not worth the carbs, so what does that leave me thinking?

It makes me think that I wasn't necessarily missing those carbs but that I was "missing" them because they weren't allowed. Frankly, for the most part, I'm very happy with low carb when I'm not detoxing. It's the constant detoxing that makes me feel sick and angry and I don't want to open the door to gelato and crap just because I can. But I also absolutely love how I feel and look (and lose weight) on low carb when I'm sticking with it and following it for weeks with no cheating.

I am doing a lot more research on low carb fruits and veggies (recipes, best ways to cook them, lowest carb choices, etc) because I desperately need those in my daily diet but I don't get them even when I'm on high carb. I'm just really bad with healthy food and I've always been bad with it. I can't blame low carb on that.

I also want to start trying one new recipe a week and resurrect my "Sunday in the Kitchen" blog posts. I actually have two recipes picked for this week and will fully decide on one (or maybe both, I don't know) before I go grocery shopping tomorrow.

I'm still hoping to see a weight loss this week because a lot of last week and this week was low carb with only a couple of days of high carb but we'll see.

I may go a little higher on my carbs on days that I really crave fruit or starches like sweet potatoes but I can have those and control them at the same time. I'm leaving that "healthy higher carb" window open for now but for the most part, I think low carb will be my thing.

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