Monday, March 27, 2017

Rededicating Myself to Low/Moderate Carb - Edited

EDITED TO ADD: I'm not sure if I'll end up with 50 grams of carbs or go up to a 100 (which of course is not keto but is still low carb). I think it may vary day by day but I especially want to pay attention to sugar more than the carbs themselves. I think it's the way upped sugar that's affecting my body more than the upped carbs.

I've been thinking about this since Friday when I decided to start low carb/keto again and then upped my carbs.

On one hand, I am loving the carbs, it makes food choices easier and the scale is looking good so far this week BUT... I like how I feel on low carb/keto better. For example... high protein breakfasts and I feel great at the gym, today was a high carb breakfast and I could feel myself dragging.

Also my headaches are coming back pretty badly and my stomach doesn't feel great. My sugar intake is way up and I just don't feel my best at all. All of that stuff improves on low carb.

I'm not sure if enjoying more carbs is worth feeling worse. And, yes, I've been tracking my physical reactions to my food for a while now really carefully.

So, I am dropping it back to low carb but I'm also really making a huge effort on focusing on healthy carbs and building them up around my workouts... for me it seems to work best to do more protein BEFORE the workout and more carbs AFTER and I am slowly starting to learn to listen to my body.

I've also found so many low carb/keto recipes lately that I could easily have keto bread, keto dessert, keto snacks and never get bored with the same recipes because there is SO much out there. Outside of that I have tons of info at my fingertips: lists of low carb vegetables, lists of low carb fruit, lists of the best protein... all the info is out there. I just need to follow it.

I know I can make this work. I just need to stop going back and forth and accept that even if I can lose weight while eating carbs it's not just about my weight. It's about my health and how I feel.

That's really what counts.

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