Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tuesday, March 21st Workout - Push Day A - Chest, Shoulders & Triceps Plus Cardio

I am back at Snap Fitness and I'm thrilled to be there. I really missed it and after carefully going over our budget we decided that it's affordable to keep going.

My back and healing incision did fine. I just need to buy some large bandaids to put over it because my sports bra and tank top doesn't cover it and I don't want it rubbing against the machines and benches without something over it because that's just gross.

I'm also really happy with my new workout. Right now the plan is Push Day A, Pull Day A, Leg Day A, Push Day B, Pull Day B and Leg Day B (and gentle yoga in there somewhere).

Each day consists of a mix of exercises on the weight machines, dumbbells, cable machines, body weight and stretching. I plan on doing this particular workout for 6-8 weeks and then I'm probably going to stick to the same kind of line up but switch out the non-machine exercises to work different parts of the muscles. There are so many exercises out there and combos of exercises that I could work out for ages and not repeat the exact same workout twice.

I was also pretty happy with today's cardio: 30 minutes on the treadmill. I'm not a huge cardio fan but I know it's important so I'm going to make sure it's done several times a week.

Also, I do the same stretch every day so I'm posting all the stretches today but from here on out I'll just write down "full-body stretch" because it takes up a lot of space.

Push Day A - Chest, Shoulders & Triceps Plus Cardio: 1 hour, 38 Minutes Total Time

Warm-Up: 10 Minutes

Treadmill - 10 minutes, distance: 0.39 miles, incline: 1, speed 2.6

Chest, Shoulders & Triceps: 48 Minutes

Basic Warmup

Basic Plank - 1 x 48 seconds, 1 x 37 sec, 1 x 27 sec 1 x 24 sec, 1 x 22 sec

Chest Press Machine - 3 set x 15 reps: 3 x 15 lbs

Tricep Extension Machine - 3 set x 15 reps: 3 x 45 lbs

Single Arm Cable Machine Lateral / Side Raise - 1 set x 6 reps, 4 sets x 4 reps: 5 x 10 lbs

Seated Dumbbell Press -  3 set x 15 reps: 3 x 5 lbs

Overhead Seated Tricep Extensions - 3 set x 15 reps: 1 x 10 lbs, 2 x 8 lbs

6-Inch Hold (abs) - 5 sets x 6 seconds

Cardio - 30 Minutes:

Treadmill info from Fitbit:
time: 30 minutes, distance: 1.32 miles, resistance: 1, speed: 2.8-3.0 - calories burned: 257, steps: 3,258

Full body Stretch - 10 Minutes:
Neck Stretch
Overhead Tricep Stretch
Shoulder Stretch
Wide Arm Chest Stretch Using Door Frame
Tree Pose
Standing Calf Stretch
Standing Hamstring Stretch
Warrior Pose
Downward Facing Dog
Cat/Cow Stretch
Cobra Stretch
Child's Pose
Pigeon Stretch
Reclined Butterfly
Prone Hamstring Stretch
Reclined Glute Stretch
Bridge Pose
Supine Twist
Seated Butterfly Stretch
Seated Side Bend Stretch
Seated Spinal Twist (done very, very carefully)
Outer Thigh Stretch
Seated Hamstring Stretch
Another Butterfly Stretch

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