Thursday, March 16, 2017

Week Seven Low Carb - Thursday Check-In (Month Two)

Week Seven Low Carb Thursday Weigh-In:
03/16/2017:                  -1.4 pounds
Total lost:                     34.4 pounds
Current Weight:          195.6 pounds

Yay for a weight loss this week despite yesterday's cheat day (delicious yet damning lol). Now that I've picked something to stick with I will hopefully continue to see losses for a while. I have a number of things going on and plans for this coming week so it'll be easier to split them up into sections.

Today's plans are that my stitches are finally coming out at 1:00 pm which will allow me to work out again! I'll be working out at home and I'll be starting with Phase 2, Plan A (I currently have three, 6- week Phase 2 plans). I'm not sure if I'm starting today or not though because I desperately need to get work done on the current dog portrait so I may do the portrait today and then start the workout tomorrow. We'll see.

As for the rest of this week I plan to stick with low carb. Today also starts 30 days being cheat free which will be really good for me.

I've decided to try one new recipe a week and this week's recipe will be "Fathead Dough Low-Carb Pizza." I've heard great things about this pizza and can't wait to give it a try! I'm going to be posting my "Sunday in the Kitchen" posts with the new recipes every week (I hope.)

I also want to retake my measurements this week. I haven't taken my measurements since April 7th of 2016 so that's almost a year now. I'm sure they have gone up since I was smaller then and working out a lot but I'm still going to take them (maybe later today) and accept whatever they show. It's time for that to be done.

I think that covers it for now!

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