Thursday, March 9, 2017

Week Six Low Carb - Thursday Check-In (Month Two) - Edited

Week Six Low Carb Thursday Weigh-In:
03/09/2017:                  +1.8 pounds
Total lost:                        33 pounds
Current Weight:            197 pounds

Edited to say:
I'm going to stick it out with low carb because I'm not doing this for 4 weeks. The more carbs I eat the worse my head hurts and this happens every time, it's nothing new, and I'm not willing to spend all this time fighting with daily migraines.

On low carb I get occasional migraines and headaches when the barometric pressure changes and can somewhat control them if I catch them in time, with higher carbs I get them all the time and it's much, much harder to get rid of them!

I'm just going to focus extra on veggies and berries and low carb fruit and plan things out ahead better. So, yes, I'm already giving up but it's not like I'm giving up something healthy, I'm just going with what helps me hurt the least.

Anyway, this week saw a weight gain thanks to the two cheat days that I had (controlled or not, they were still too much) but I'm doing well without them right now, even with added carbs, and not planning on any more cheat days any time soon.

I'm going to work extra hard this coming week to drop weight this week and hopefully will see that as well as focusing a lot more on healthy foods and a lot more veggies.

My cyst removal area is doing well. It doesn't really hurt anymore and just burns a little and itches. I know itching means it's healing but it's really annoying!! I still can't work out until the stitches come out in a week but I have been hitting 10,000 steps (or more) for the last two days and plan on doing that daily.

I'm not planning on going back and forth with the low carb thing again. I'm going to stick with it and work away on my health. I just have to keep taking it one day at a time (and sometimes one meal at a time), do what I can with my steps and just keep at it!

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