Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Doctor's Visit, ER Trip and General Updates From Today...

Oh boy... where to start??

I think I will break this down into a bulletin format to make it easier lol...

1) got to my doctor's office this morning for a new blood test to check on the anemia and try to figure out the dizziness and light-headedness.

2) almost fell over while getting on the scale and was unsteady in his office.

3) blood pressure was 90/60, was very pale, incredibly, super thirsty, sort of out of it, unsteady and not like me at all

4) doctor and med student were worried so instead of doing the blood test there and waiting for the afternoon for the result they sent me to the hospital lab but asked me about 12 times if I was okay to drive (I was, I'm okay sitting down).

5) got to hospital lab and had to register, once again, unsteady on my feet and out of it. Nurse from doctor's office called to make sure I made it there okay, was told I'm not looking too good and said to just head downstairs to ER.

6) they wheeled me down in a wheel chair and got me registered pretty quickly.

7) given room in ER, blood taken, on blood pressure, heartbeat and respiration monitor, EKG done (it was fine), trying to get in touch with people who have no idea where I am (husband, kids, mom etc)

8) Charles takes a half day and meets me in my room. My blood pressure is being taken regularly and is low. Heart rate is also low, my normal is around 80's and this was at at 63. Can't get myself to use bathroom, horribly thirsty, was given small cup of water and nothing else just in case.

9) Time passes, I'm able to make some online posts but can't call from my phone, was finally able to give them a very small pee sample, They test my blood pressure and watch the heart rate when I am laying down, sitting and standing up and it doesn't look great standing or sitting.

10) tests come back, my sodium is fine, I'm still anemic and I'm dehydrated which is why the bathroom thing isn't going so well.

11) I'm given a liter of fluids, my blood pressure starts to go up and I no longer feel like falling asleep.

12) Fluid is all in, they retest my vitals while laying, sitting, standing and I do much better, Blood pressure is looking really good. Anemia markers all the same as they were last week so they don't think it's a slow bleed.

13) They still don't know why I'm anemic or why I feel lightheaded and like passing out so I think I'll be seeing my doctor more. Also seeing my "female stuff" doctor on Friday afternoon.

14) I am allowed to go home!!

15) I no longer think this is at all connected to carbs and plan on sticking to low carb, just not sure how low. I want to keep going with 50 and under on regular days and maybe going higher on workout days but I will keep listening to my body on that one. Either way, the plan isn't changing, just the amount of carbs may a little.

16) I assume I'll be seeing my doctor more and I'll keep updating as I learn anything new.

17) Yes, I am seriously working on the hydration/drinking thing now. I actually spent all last night dreaming that I was desperately trying to drink but none of the water was able to touch my throat. Nice of my body to give me a head's up :/

I think that's it lol.

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