Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Pascha and Getting Back on the Low Carb Wagon!

Christ is risen! Indeed He is risen!

Happy Pascha (and Easter) everyone!

Now that Pascha eating is over I am back to low/moderate carb with a vengeance! As I've said numerous times, I feel my best on low/moderate carb and I'm much happier when I'm sticking to it.

I do want to focus on healthier foods, more veggies and more homemade stuff and I fully plan to be back in the gym tomorrow.

Basically I feel really good with all the water I've been drinking and I think as long as I keep that up I'll be able to get a lot more things accomplished in my day!

I'm not starting any daily or weekly counts over again, I'm not changing how I plan on tracking and I'm not even starting over from scratch because it's not like I've been cheating for weeks. I'm just getting more strict with it and want to stay away from "cheats" as long as possible!

So let's do this thing!

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