Sunday, April 9, 2017

It'a All About Listening to Your Body

So here's my update on low carb/keto, my plans and my food. 

I've been doing fine with cravings and stuff on low carb/keto but physically I've been feeling pretty bad and didn't even make it to the gym this week or work out at home.

I spent most of the week with a very, very bad headache and feeling dizzy, lightheaded and like passing out most mornings (and throughout the day) all of which I attributed to carb detox and giving up Advil.

But today I changed things. Today is day 5 low carb and normally I feel way better by now but I didn't. Not at all. So after church (where I had to sit through most of it). I actually listened to my body and gave it what it was crying out for... organic cereal (6 ingredients), blueberries and milk.

Guess what happened? My headache went away. My body felt better. I'm more awake and I don't feel dizzy or lightheaded anymore.

Yes, I ate more carbs but they were healthy ones and I can't believe how much better I feel so, yes, the plan is being edited.

I still want to eat healthy food. I still want to stay away from simple carbs and sugar, processed food, take out and so on for at least 98% of my eating (special occasions will be decided by occasion). But I am going to allow more carbs in (as long as they are healthy carbs) because it's obviously what I need, especially once I start up at the gym again (the plan is for tomorrow).

I think that's a pretty reasonable change and I don't feel like I'm making a huge mess out of the plan. I really need to go with my body and with how it feels. It's all about listening to your body and eating well and for nutrition. Calories and macros will still be counted, food will still be measured and weighed but I really need to do whatever it takes to feel and to get healthy. I can't go through my days feeling horrible physically and hoping it improves because I'm barely getting anything accomplished. And no one should just feel awful all the time.

My goal here is not just to lose weight but to be healthy and fit as well. 

So let's see what happens.

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