Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Let's Talk Keto, Keto Adaptation, Carbs, Food and Plans...

So... after a ton more reading I decided how I want to approach this food/diet/lifestyle change thing.

I'm taking a minimum of 3 months at 50 grams of carbs and under a day and going for becoming "keto-adapted." I know a lot of people recommend going to 20 grams of carbs and under but I don't feel that's doable for me personally right now and I've always done really well with the 50 TOTAL carbs (less net). So, basically, I'm hoping I can get there with the amount of carbs I will be eating but we'll see.

Apparently, just because you detox from carbs and sugars, it doesn't mean you're fat-adapted or keto-adapted. That takes about eight-twelve weeks (more or less) and it is then that you truly begin to feel the positive effects of being low carb/keto, especially with working out.

Yes, you feel a lot of the effects earlier but to truly become keto-adapted you need that time and effort and that's when things really kick in, especially with weight training and endurance sports (I'll stick to weight training, thank you lol).

Here's a really great quoet that explains what I'm going for...

"...One of the goals of the keto diet is being "keto adapted". This means that your body is primed for functioning with very little glucose. Different enzymes are involved for breaking down fat than breaking down glucose. When you first enter ketosis, you are using fat for energy, but at first it's in limited amounts because you don't have as many fat-converting enzymes. These get built up over time. This is what causes the tiredness at the beginning of the diet. Once the enzymes are in place, your cells change the way they get energy. It's really amazing all the changes that have to happen internally for keto-adaptation to happen. It's like you can't just put diesel into a regular car engine and expect everything to work smoothly.
Once you are keto-adapted (which can take a few weeks to a month depending on the person), fat/ketones becomes the preferred fuel. Hormone levels are changed, glycogen (glucose stored in muscles and liver) is lowered, you carry less excess water. You're able to function well - lots of energy, you can exercise, lift, build up endurance etc."

Anyway, since I've never truly gotten there because every cheat day kicks you out of the cycle (so NO cheating) and since I feel amazing on regular keto, I want to see what happens if I can stick it out. The plan is to really push myself after this goal and not to fall back into the carb trap because I need to change things or, basically, nothing will ever change!!

The plan to not go nuts and eat ALL THE CARBS after a 2 hour workout is to add more calories, protein and fat on the days when I'm at the gym for that long and just make sure I'm getting enough nutrients for the workouts I'm doing!

I also need to make sure I get enough sodium, magnesium and potassium, the latter two coming from supplements I take and I can add salt to anything (I have Celtic salt and Himalayan Salt). I also have electrolyte tablets to add to my water at the gym at the suggestion of my trainer.

I think if I set a minimum 3-month goal that I can do this. It'll be hard but I think it may be the best thing for me and most of my carbs will be in veggie form (preplanned and meal-prepped). Basically my meals will be built around protein, fat and veggies with veggies at at least 2 meals of the day. I'm also planning on lots of berries which are some of the best "fruit-like" food you can eat for low carb.

I will also continue to drink a lot of water and finally get my butt back to the gym!!

Charles is totally with me on this and is willing to help me any way that he can so, this is it. I have a solid plan and a solid choice and a solid deadline (July 27th). And then depending on how I'm doing with working out, with weight loss, with how I feel, etc, I'll decide what to do from there.

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