Monday, April 10, 2017

So Tired, Upset and Overwhelmed...

I was wicked lightheaded and dizzy this morning (almost fell down the basement stairs because my ears felt full of cotton and my vision was tilting...the furnace guy rang the doorbell so I had to jump up and rush down to let him in instead of getting up much slower like I normally would and it was early in the morning which is when I am at my most lightheaded/dizzy) but it passed by much faster than it has in the last few days. Although it's been back for a few hours now.

I feel like I don't know what I'm doing anymore to make things better when things only seem to work for a few hours. Could it be the anemia? Sodium? One of my meds?

I'm just tired, physically and mentally and while I miss the gym horribly, I keep making excuses about why I'm not going because my body doesn't feel good and I have no idea what to do with food anymore... is it really the carbs that make me feel better? Do they really matter at all in the end?

Is it healthier for me to eat more carbs or is it healthier to eat less. It used to be healthier to eat less and what if this has nothing to do with carbs at all? Am I messing up my food and my weight loss because I 'think" it's the carbs that helped when it could have been one of many other things.

I'm starting to think that's it's not the carbs affecting this anymore so I think I'm sticking with low carb but listening to my body at the same time and giving it more when it needs it. I think. Maybe... I don't know. But how am I supposed to listen to my body when it keeps telling me conflicting things????

I just feel really lost right now. For a while I felt like I had a lot of answers and today I feel like I know nothing.  Maybe I'm just having a bad day.... I don't know.

But my doctor does want to see me in the morning and take more blood tests to make sure my sodium and my anemic levels aren't dropping and I guess we'll go from there.

I just hope this all gets sorted out soon because I can't keep living my life like this!!

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