Friday, April 28, 2017

Still Sorting Food Things Out... This Will Be a Long, Long Process

So I'm basically taking this food thing one day at a time right now. I know I want to detox from crap and simple sugars and carbs but the workout days will call for more healthy carbs.

I'm still working my way through the book my trainer recommended and while I love it, it goes against everything I learned about low carb (it's about flexible dieting, a totally different macros breakdown being highest to low: protein, then carbs, then fat and calories are very important plus tons of other stuff).

I'm not just trying to lose weight and get healthy, I realized that I pretty much have to reteach myself to eat correctly and I don't know if I've ever eaten that way :/ but it's time I learned.

I just have to accept and be okay with the fact that my days won't all be the same. Some will have lower carbs, some higher. Some will have healthier foods, some not as healthy. Some will be more meat and some will be more fruit. That's just life and that's how it works. As long as I can keep it on the healthy side and track all the important stuff I should be okay.

So, basically, things are going to be day to day for macros but I am STILL DETOXING FROM CRAP. I just want to make that clear!

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