Monday, April 24, 2017

Things Are Going Much Better!

So, since scaling back my plan from keto to low/moderate carb with healthy food I have felt so much better! The obsessing stopped almost immediately after making that change, I'm enjoying my food (healthy 80% of the time), I'm drinking a lot of water and I just need to get back to the gym.

I had planned on going back today but am battling a nasty headache that's verging on a migraine which I'm guessing is from the barometric pressure change that's happening today. If I can't get to the gym today, I absolutely will tomorrow. I already have the workout printed and my bag packed. I just need the headache to disappear.

The scale is also moving down pretty well and I'm just generally much happier. I feel like I can sustain this lifestyle for, well, life, versus how I was feeling when I was sticking to keto and it's so amazing to not be driving myself crazy obsessing over diets and numbers and macros and everything else!

So things are good and hopefully they'll keep going that way!

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