Tuesday, May 23, 2017

More Thinking, Planning and Replanning

So...my thoughts just keep on going...

Earlier today, when I realized that giving myself permission to have carbs kind of made me want to stick with low carb I decided to sit back and think... what is different from when I first started low carb and was happy with it to now when I keep restarting low carb and am not happy with anything in general (but, no, not depressed again, no worries there I promise).

I also spent some time going back and forth with friends on our Facebook group for health and fitness and here's what I realized.

1) Of course it was more fun when I first started low carb because it was new to me, I was constantly learning new things and it was kind of exciting plus the weight was coming off really fast so there was constant positive reinforcement in that area.

2) My once a week cheat day which I've since taken out because it kept leading to massive binges. Here's the thing though, when I started with my cheat "day" it was more of a cheat snack. One small higher carb item that I could enjoy on my weigh-in day before getting back to work on low carb/keto. It gave me something to look forward to all week as I worked hard to stay within my calories and macros and it was delicious.

Of course we know how this goes... after a several weeks one cheat snack became two, then it became three, then it became a cheat meal and then an entire cheat day full of non-stop food and binging which then turned to two days and so on. So I the last few times I restarted low carb I tried to leave out the cheat day which left me constantly going back between low carb and not low carb.

I think if I were to introduce the cheat treat back in, only on my weigh-in days, and keep it at one small item, I may be much happier doing low carb the rest of the week. Like a friend suggested earlier, kind of have it like Weight Watchers offers the extra weekly points. Have some banked "extra" carbs for one treat or special occasion and not feel horrible, guilty or like I have to change my entire plan just to fit it in! BUT... it has to be held in control and not be allowed to turn into more than one treat which is where the will power I talked about yesterday comes in.

3) Once my body adapted to low carb, I felt amazing and wanted to keep going because of how I was feeling. As I've said earlier in this blog, I haven't given it a chance to get to the amazing feeling part yet because I keep doing different things.

So, the new plan is part of yesterday's plan and part of today's... real, good, healthy food while still keeping the carbs low, one controlled treat a week and giving this a chance for me to actually start to feel the benefits of the low carb. Also, keep trying new low carb/keto foods and recipes to keep from getting bored.

I promise I won't change the plan again for at least three weeks... but hopefully more!

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